Core Competences & Core Activities

CreditAccess’ core competences are providing loans and related financial services in a transparent and efficient manner. Since the Company’s founding, it has consistently catered to its customers’ ever-changing needs.

The Company’s current portfolio comprises:

Group loans
Clear and transparent loan products, mostly used for working capital purposes, with a ticket size of usually between € 200 and € 500, delivered through the “Group Lending” model. Typically this loan product is unsecured, cash settled, biweekly repayments and total tenure of 24 months in India and Indonesia and 6 months in the Philippines

Individual loans
Individual lending products to small businesses, which are quite often customers successfully graduated from several cycles of group loans and running well established enterprises. Typically, individual products are secured, biweekly, cashless, with a ticket size between € 500 and € 2,000

Life & Health insurances
Providing clients and their spouses life insurance under a group plan, and affordable and quality healthcare facilities to clients and their families

Providing pension coverage to customers and promoting small savings during their working life, in order to prevent economic deprivation in later stages of their lives

As a leading innovative provider of loans and related financial services to the self-employed, micro enterprises and small enterprises across Asia, CreditAccess is able to offer extensive competences in product/service development, marketing, technological and process development. The Company’s portfolio covers all market/client specific knowledge, in-depth cognition of (local) regulatory aspects and technological requirements. These varied requirements have led to a range of customised financial products & services and have established CreditAccess’ name as a specialist in customised services.